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Disinfection and healtcare are inseparable. The fight against HAI infections is a constant fight and weapons to defeat these are good protocols, good diligent employees and good disinfectants. BIOXY H is up to 4 times faster than quaternary, it will facilitate the work of your infection control teams and reduce your overall operations costs..

Listeria, Salmonnela, E-coli and other bacteria that food industries must eliminate and prevent the spread for the health of their clients and their prosperity because an outbreak can cost thousands. Not to mention the reputation may remain tarnished. BIOXY Plus is a disinfectant that can be used anywhere, anytime, no need to adjust dosing system, no need to alternate sanitizer, because BIOXY Plus is a disinfectant without cell resistance *. Drains, ventilation ducts can now be sanitized at a level you never expected.                                                              

* Cell Resistance: tolerance or resistance connected to the use of a disinfectant that reduces the bacterial count to an acceptable level. Like quaternary disinfectants types.

Independent laboratory tests have proven the effectiveness of BIOXY Enviro at a concentration of 1% diluted 1:10 in Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli, and viruses orthomyxo viridae family including that of avian flu, Influenza A. This destruction is almost instantaneous. In addition, BIOXY Enviro is part of one of the greenest solutions of EQSP (Équipe Québecoise de Santé Porcine).

Our seniors have worked to build a prosperous Country. Today we earn their respect and we are indebted to them. The growth of homes and living environments is a new model we are enhancing the principles of disinfection. Prevent an outbreak is our duty to allow our parents to live longer and healthier.

Imagine a disinfectant in compact powder form, safe to handle for the users and for the equipment. The ideal product for mobile devices. BIOXY H is a disinfectant that meets all the criteria that rescue teams would like to have in their tool bag. No need to carry corrosive products. BIOXY H is the only product needed.

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